UNICEF NextGen is a global UNICEF initiative which brings a diverse group of young professionals through education, advocacy, skill sharing, networking and fundraising to help improve the lives of vulnerable children in Thailand and worldwide.

UNICEF won’t stop until every child is safe!

Now, more than ever, we need people like you! Those who believe that no challenge is too great when it comes to helping a vulnerable child. Join UNICEF NextGen now to help us change more children’s lives!

How we work

NextGen supports UNICEF Thailand to raise awareness about children’s issues. Members mobilize their peers to raise funds and find their philanthropic path along the way. They become activists for children’s rights, while also educating the world’s current leaders, emerging leaders and influencers about humanitarian issues and how they can work to facilitate change.

Every second counts

The world is facing humanitarian crises on a massive scale, including wars, conflicts and a pandemic. To save the lives of children is considered the greatest virtue. Every day, natural disasters, wars, conflicts and a pandemic take the lives of children in every corner of the world. Nearly 13.8 million children globally are still unvaccinated today.

The best place for a child is in the arms of mother, but 2.4 million newborns take their first and last breaths in the first month of their lives – a result of preventable causes. Every second counts…

Please donate a set of essential life-saving supplies to
protect children from COVID-19 and deadly diseases.

Unicef mask

First Aid Kit

Your contribution can provide a set of first aid kits to equip health workers in remote parts of the world so they can better assist children and families in need.

Unicef mask

Dignity and Hygiene Kit

Your contribution can provide a dignity and hygiene kit for children, women and families who live under emergency situations such as war and natural disaster.

Unicef mask

Dignity and Hygiene Kit

Your contribution can provide a set of protective gears to protect health workers from contagious diseases such as COVID-19

UNICEF warehouse, the world's largest humanitarianwarehouse: A big part of what makes UNICEF so effective in emergencies is its ability to ship supplies from its Copenhagen warehouse to anywhere in the world within 48 to 72 hours.

When an emergency does hit, the system kicks everything up a notch. Robots pull the supplies, while humans put together the kits, which are boxed supplies targeted to specific needs.

With your support, we will do whatever it takes to ensure children and their families get what they need to stay safe.

Become a member of
UNICEF Thailand NextGen, and you will receive a limited edition mask from UNICEF as a symbol of hope for children in Thailand and around the world.

Unicef mask
Unicef mask

UNICEF NextGen Super Hero will receive two masks

Unicef mask

UNICEF NextGen Hero will receive one mask

Your monthly donation will deliver long-term aid that creates lasting change for children as well as addressing children's immediate needs.

Join UNICEF NextGen today and make a real difference for children.

Super hero


1,500 THB/month

OR One-time donation of 18,000 THB



750 THB/month

OR One-time donation of 9,000 THB


9% of donation to be deducted as administration cost for TaejaiDotcom. TaejaiDotcom will share your personal data with UNICEF for UNICEF Thailand to raise awareness about children’s issues.